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 Feb. 19th, 2005
This is how it started:

This is my second attempt at modding, I was looking for something different and my son loves spiderman, so I thought of making him something unique and get some more experience in the process.

The case is nothing more than a 14" tall spiderman head piggy bank made out of pvc I found on ebay.
To keep it cool I installed a 4 blue LED fan, a blue steel mesh and a spiderman grill (from coolerguys).
* The square hole right under the fan is for the cd drive *
I cut the back, put a small hinge and made a little trap door for easy access.
Because space is very limited, I'll be using a laptop hard drive and a slot loading laptop cd drive.
* both have the IDE adapter connected *
The little rack mount for the HD that I'll be connecting to the top of the cd drive is made of lexan pc sheet and I put one coat of gray primer for now.
This is how it'll look with the cd drive mounted.
Yeah I know, looks like he's smiling.

That's it for now. I'll be posting more pictures as the work progress.
 Feb. 28th, 2005
I had to redesign and build the little HD rack that'll be fitted on top of the CD drive. Aside from supporting the HD I want something that will secure the CD drive in place and the first rack I built wasn't going to cut it. I haven't had the chance to put my desired amount of hours in this project, but I was able to get at least a little done this weekend and got some more new pics.

This is the new HD rack... HD mounted...HD and CD mounted ...

Then a back view...Now, I need for the motherboard to arrive.
 Mar. 8th, 2005
I just got the motherboard! It's a VIA Epia Nehemia 10000 Mini-ITX.
I put a cd on top just to give an idea on the size of the board.
Here is the power supply. I also put a cd close to it to show you how small it is. It's packed with 200W on that little thing!

I will be doing some work this weekend, so I'll post some pics then.
 Mar. 14th, 2005
I haven't done much work this weekend, but I'd like to share the little I was able to accomplish.

This is the back view with the cut for the motherboard.Since the board will be sticking out, I will have to built a little cover for it.
The motherboard tray is made of clear lexan pc sheet. Got some primer and blue paint to match at the local Orchard and will be doing some painting this weekend.

You can also see how the board support looks like now. The "lip" at the end will go through the "neck" and come out the other side. This will help secure the board, plus by attaching a blue LED to it I can make it glow to indicate the computer is on.

And the LED clamp that'll attach to the "lip". I purchased some blue LEDs online and I should be getting them in soon.

That's it for now. It's slow but steady work.
 Mar. 25th, 2005
Between work, work and work, I don't have a lot of time left to dedicate to this project.
But I wanted to post at least some new pics to, at least pretend to myself, that some progress is happening.
So here it goes...

This is how the motherboard tray and cover look like. Next steps will be to prime and paint and after that work on securing the rack that supports the HD and cd drive.
My cd drive crapped up so I sent back to Newegg, but they do not have the slot loading model anymore, so now I have to wait for a refund to post on my credit card and get another one I found on Logic Supply.

Hopefully by next weekend I'll have more updates.
 Mar. 28th, 2005
This past weekend I painted an old black Compaq keyboard and an old generic mouse in red and blue just to get some ideas. I want to use a wireless mouse and keyboard and thought it would be better to practice on some old equipment first...

I was also thinking on using the OneTouch Power button thing instead of a regular button. But after some thinking and sugestions from the guys at, I decided to go with a blue ring Vandal Resistant switch.

Now I'm waiting on the switch and new CD drive to move forward.
 Apr. 12th, 2005
Again, not a lot of progress due to lack of time. Oh well... what's one to do when one has got to work?

Here is scoop: Thanks to the guys at Gruntville for their comments and suggestion, I decided to go with the Vandal Switch instead of the OneTouch thing. Plus I rigged the USB/Firewire port I had to fit at the base of the head. The round hole is for the on/off switch and the square one for the USB.

For the switch I picked the blue ring (it glows when it's on) instead of the red and all I had to do was to wire it. For the USB port I ended up cutting the USB/Firewire combo in half, and made 2 little metal brackets to help secure it in place.

Oh yeah! I finally got my new cd drive so hopefully I'll be working on it this weekend.
 Jul. 13th, 2005
I haven't posted any updates in a while since I haven't had the time to really go the last stretch and finish this project.

This past couple of weekends I worked on the board tray and cover and the cd drive back cover. I also put felt in spidey's mouth to help not scratch the CDs. I'll try to get everything assembled this week and get some pics posted.
 Jul. 15th, 2005
Some more pics.

Here you can see the motherboard mounted on the tray, a shot of how it looks inside, a close-up of the inside and shots with the CD and HD mounted. Also there are some shots to show how the power button and system fan have a cool blue glow.

I'm thinking about rebuilding the tray cover and the cd drive cover since I know I can do a better job. Somehow it's not as close a fit as I wanted it to be.
 Aug. 11th, 2005
I'm done with the head!!

Next step will be to get a wireless keyboard and mouse and modify it to match. But in the mean time, here are some pictures.

1st set: front, side and back view.
2nd set: Lighted power button, HD led, lighted back fan and CD ejection.
3rd set: Login screen and desktop.
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