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 Apr. 15th, 2008
It's been a while since my last mod. And it seems like quality dremel time is scarce for me lately...
and not to sound like a broken record but between work, work and work, the little free time left somehow it's not nearly enough to even start working on a new project.
But the mod bug has been scratching me right where it itches, so here it is a new mod coming up.

When I first saw this case (we were getting rid of old computer equipment at work), somehow I liked the lines and for some strange reason I can't explain, it made me think of Iron Man's mask. And that's initially what I had in mind, but later I decided on a totally different theme.

This is an old compaq case... kinda small and compact... and the power supply is in a odd place... right smack down in the middle.
 Apr. 16th, 2008
There are no updates today. I just want to show how compact (and proprietary) this Compaq case is.
From the original location of its hard drive to the odd size (and location as shown above) of its PSU.
 May 2nd, 2008
To create the "rock" effect encasing the case I thought I'd use the Touch 'n Foam spray, then after drying I'd use the dremel and sand paper to model, prime it and then paint. I'll be doing the modeling this weekend to see how well this will work. So more pictures are sure to follow soon.
During this past week I also painted the motherboard tray, most of the screws and the 5.25" bay door. Ooh... shinny...
And last but not least, I went to Target and got 2 Diggers (one with a drill and one with a rover). So this weekend I'm going to try and get some LEDs, wires and a couple of small DC motors from a local store.
 May 4th, 2008
The weather didn't hold out so I didn't have a chance to work on the sculpting of the foam. Instead I ordered some pizza, watched a soccer final match from Brazil and worked on wiring some LEDs to the rover.
It actually turned out pretty good.
I first disassembled the rover and drilled 2 holes right above the 4 in the back and one to the right (not shown). Next, I drilled another 2 holes and installed 2 blue LEDs on the top and a red LED in the front of the gun (running the cables inside to keep it as clean as possible.
After all was done, I hooked up a small battery to test it and voila!. Came out pretty cool in my opinion.
 May 22nd, 2008
Small update before the weekend. Using some left over mesh, I formed the ledge frame where one of the Diggers will be drilling. The motor that'll spin the drill will be housed inside the frame and later I'll be covering it up with that Topuch 'n Foam.
I also started doing some work on the case itself. I torn an old HD rack to give the case some diverse textures. I'll be applying the Touch 'n Foam around those pieces so to give the impression some of the temple is coming through the rock surface. And the holes will let some of the red lighting to shine through as well.
Last but not least I got one of the LED chaser circuit board kits Boddaker suggested (thanks Bod!), so I thought of testing my soldering skills by working on one of tyhe rover's side panel. :)
The little youtube video doesn't really do justice but you can have an idea. And for those who are wondering... the LEDs are orange.
 May 26th, 2008
I didn't do anything major during the weekend, but I was able to do a lot of the small tasks, so in a way I got a lot done.
To start I decided to rebuild the Ledge Frame. The wire mesh was nice and all but I using this old Dell back frame (there are a lot of these laying around at work to be thrown out), I thought it would be a little more sturdy and have a better and more efficient way to house the drill motor. So I shorten it up made some openings and adjustments and it just now waiting for the Foam covering.
Next I worked on the drill motor. Tom Rebold (teacher from MPC) was nice enough to give me this small DC motor. Then to compliment the drill feature, I made this acrylic ring, attached an LED "clamp" and when it all done, hopefully I'll have a nice red glow coming from under the drill.
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