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 Jul. 2nd, 2005
Hi everyone,

Although I'm not done with my last project (Spiderman) it is pretty close to completion, so I think it'll be Ok to start on a new one.

For lack of a better name I'll call it the BlackBox for now.
It's a black trunk that looks like a traveling trunk and one of those concert equipment boxes used for musicians when on the road.
It's primarily black with silver trimming so I might just follow this theme.

Anyway, I'll be incorporating my server and my desktop into just one box.
I alreay ordered the fans, fan filters and dampeners and I already got 2 black x-connect 450w power supplies. I also ordered 2 custom fan grills from GruntvillE's regular forum member Bonzanego. He sent me a picture of the master mold and it looks sweet!

I have the sinking feeling that this box is not big enough to house both boards plus power supplies, hard drives and extra cards and maintain a good air flow. I'll know by tomorrow. If it is too small I already have another case similar to this one in mind.

I got 2 of the x-connects power supplies. They have such a cool look.
 Jul. 16th, 2005
Got he grills today and they look simply awesome!
These are the choices for the mesh filters. I'm thinking on using the black one (middle) since I think it'll create a better contrast with the goose on the grill.
 Aug. 6 th, 2005
I ended up deciding on using the silver filter. The black one looked better when the the power was off, but since it'll spend most of its time turned on, I'll go with the one that looks better when the fan lights are on. This is how it'll look like.

I'm installing small fans on the side just to help with the air out take. Most of the air coming out will be done kind of in a passive mode (without fans) through the back. The little side fans should help with the air flow plus adds a little something to the overall look.
 Dec. 25th, 2005
Well, it's not really an update since no work has been done on the case,but I got my new parts and thought of posting a picture of my new desktop (literally!). It's my first venture in the AMD realm... here it is: Asus A8V Deluxe - Socket 939 mobo, Athlon 64 3000 processor, 2x512MB PC3200 DDR, 80GB harddrive and 128MB GForce4 MX4000 video card.
And I'm running WindowsXP 64bit.

I also did some work on the LEDs. I don't know if this has been done before but here it is...
Using 2 old LED wires, I joined the ends together and shortened the LED. This way I have a totally reusable LED wire. I mean I don't need to cut or resolder anything if I decide to repalce the LEDs. All I have to do is unplug the old and connect the new one.
 May 28th, 2006
After 5 months of apparently inertia, finally an update. It's a small update, but an update none the less. This is the hard drive "cage". It's made of wood and it's only primed for now . Once ready, it'll be black and hold 3 hard drives and 3 coolers.
 Nov. 12th, 2006
It's been a while since I posted anything, but here is where it stands:

I decided not to use this box.
Although it looks big enough to house 2 system, it's not that big, and I would have to have one motherboad on top of the other and the top one would have to go upside down. Somehow I didn't feel confident enough on the air flow and thought it'd be better finding another way.
Well, I saw bubbe's Dual-Tower project ( and thought "Why didn't I think of that first? What a great idea!" So I got 2 identical old cases from work and I'm in the process of drilling the holes and joining the front panels together. I'll be installing a small piano hinge in the back so I can "open" the case and work on each individual computer whenever needed (something I could not do it if I decided to use the black box).
Since I'm "borrowing" bubbe's great idea, I asked him if he would mind having another project similar to his on GvL's forum and as a true modder he agreed, so thanks bubbe!!!
 Dec. 3rd, 2006
On this update you can see how the CD/DVD drive goes in. I cut a retangular opening on the 5.25" bay cover and built a small rack for the drive. The shots are pretty much before and after painting.
I also worked on cutting the side panels. And you can kinda see it taking shape.
Overall, it was a productive couple of days.
 Dec. 23rd 2006
It's been painting time!
The first 2 pictures show how the top cover looks like. It was made out of a single sheet of acrylic, painted black on the sides and framed with aluminum.
Next shots show the board tray, front bay covers and the black painted power supply, then followed by some night shots of the dual-color (silver and black) tower frame.
Tomorrow I'll be working on the front cover and hopefully will have everything done by the end of next week.
 Dec. 30th, 2006
Almost done!!
I got impatient last night and stayed up until 5am this morning assembling the computer and rearranging my workspace.
All is left is to finish the front cover and voila! The Black Box project will be done.
If the weather holds I'll be able to get all the painting done by tomorrow. I'll post the final pics then. Happy New Year everyone!
 Jan. 1st, 2007
It is done!!
New year, new projects.
These are the final shots. I might do a last shot showing the before and after effect, but for now I'll let the pictures do all the talking.
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